LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D Printer Review

LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D Printer Dual Extruder Laser Engraving Dual Color Printing

Two-color printing is possible with the LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D Printer, and the machine also functions as a laser engraver.

This metallic building comes in two basic colors, black and blue. The largest dimensions printed with this 3D printer are 235mm by 235mm by 265mm.

LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D Printer Review
LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D Printer Review

The aluminum frame and ultra-quiet stepper motor are just two of its many benefits; the fact that it comes 95% built and requires no further assembly also helps.

The LOTMAXX Shark V2 is equipped with not one but two extruders to facilitate its dual-color printing capabilities. There’s also a touchscreen display of 4.3 inches. Incorporates a laser engraving module.

The magnetic and detachable item table adheres strongly yet may be easily removed after printing. If there’s an interruption, like a blackout, it may continue printing as normal.


The LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D Printer works with a wide variety of materials. Two metal extruders are included in the LOTMAXX Shark V2 3D printer, allowing the use of two different types of filament at once. Incorporating a dual-object extruder provides for more accurate and high-quality prints.

Shark V2 3D Printer
Shark V2 3D Printer

In addition, it may be combined with other laser units (sold separately) to provide laser etching capabilities. When making a purchase, think carefully about what you need. The two metal extruders on this FDM 3D printer make it possible to print using a variety of stunning fibers from a single nozzle.

Every extruder is outfitted with two metal pinion wheels for slicker operation and less frequent servicing. Because the dual-variation 3D printer engine automatically replaces the fiber, you may produce colorful models with no issues.

Feature Shark V2 3D Printer

The Shark V2 3D Printer is a cutting-edge, high-precision advancement that aims for accuracy within 0.1 mm. Once the nighttime interface has been activated with a touch of the screen, the inductive sensor will detect the heated bed, take accurate tilt measurements, and automatically realign itself. Inconvenience may be enjoyed by newcomers and seasoned fans alike.

Support 3D Printer Shark V2 BL. Shark V2’s 1600mW of power allows it to keep up with ten different types of northern materials, such as wood, plastic, calfskin, PVC, paper, rubber, etc., while also guaranteeing a printing pace of 200mm/s, which is essentially faster than the 40-90mm/s achieved by Normal 3D printers.

This 3D Printer Is A Shark The existence of a twin metal extruder, capable of exchanging fibers between two 1.75mm versions through a single spout of 0.2-0.4mm (flexible), also contributed to the exhibition’s high level of printing accuracy (0.1mm).

Shark V2 3D
Shark V2 3D

3D Printer Shark V2 Also, we could locate the German-made, whisper-quiet driver model TMC2208, which is readily accessible in our area. A draw plate that sticks precisely without meshes guarantees reliability, and a top-notch ventilation system keeps hot air moving fast to minimize overheating.


LOTMAXX Shark V2 3d Printer is another best product that lies under excellent features. Also, It uses a conservative 4-layer plan that upholds six engine drivers. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from Cafago for 343.63 euros.