Epson XP-8500 Driver

Anyone who values high-quality prints as much as they value their photographs. The Epson XP-8500 Driver is not as highly recommended as the Canon TS9050, despite its strong combination of features, user-friendliness, and high print quality. Still, if you’re looking for a terrific printer and you’re a fan of Epson, look no further.

Epson XP-8500 Driver

Epson XP-8500 Driver

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Features and Setup for the Epson XP-8500 Inkjet Printer

Driver Epson XP-8500 – The XP-8500, like the rest of Epson’s small-in-one lineup, tries to fit as many features as possible into its compact body.

  • It supports Google’s Shadow Print Scanner and AirPrint wireless printing; has dual SD card slots and a USB hub.
  • Create CDs from your printout
  • display size of 2.7 inches, color
  • The XP-8500 suffers in one key area: connectivity. Specifically, the XP-8500 lacks an ethernet connector,
  • making it unable to use wired networks or NFC tags. Whether or not this matters to you is a personal decision,
  • but it is a feature it lacks compared to similarly priced home photo printers.

Faster and Higher-Quality Printing

About nine web pages per minute (ppm) is the typical daily document throughput, which is sluggish but sufficient for the volume of papers you should be printing.

Ink will run out rapidly if you print anything other than photographs, as indicated lower down this review since the cartridges aren’t very huge. In an ideal world, using a duplex would reduce that rate by half, to roughly 4.5ppm for 2-sided printing. Not the quickest, but still noticeable.

The standard is really high. Canon’s XP-8500 is just one more example of how the company consistently produces high-quality home photo printers, despite Epson’s lengthy reign at the top. The XP-8500 produces high-quality prints of whatever kind of picture you throw at it, whether it’s a dark and moody landscape shot, a bright and colorful selfie, or a family portrait with plenty of smiling faces.

The Epson Expression Photo XP-760 Driver is a Different Device Driver.

With the Epson XP-8500 Driver, you may print in a wider gamut of colors than ever before, thanks to the printer’s usage of light cyan and light magenta cartridges. Fans of the moving image won’t be let down.

Overall, the print quality is excellent; however, other printers, such as the Canon Pixma TS9050, handle all your printing options better while still providing equally great prints, so the XP-8500 does not become our top-ranked picture printer; however, its significance is such that we would recommend purchasing it.

The Price of Cartridges and Maintenance

There are a total of six distinct ink cartridges that may be used with the Epson Expression Picture XP-8500, all of which are found in the Epson 378 ink cartridge line. Standard capacity, which caps out at 240 web pages in black and 360 web pages in the other five colors, has a paltry capacity and should be avoided. The 378XL ink cartridge can print up to 500 black pages and 830 color pages, making it a better value than standard cartridges.

The running expenses of a photo printer are in line with industry standards. A full set of ordinary Epson 378 inks will cost you 2.92p, whereas an identical set of Epson 378XL inks would cost you just $2.33 when using the usual industry coverage of 5% for each page. When using the best-suited Epson 378XL inks, this drops to 1.25 cents.

Driver Epson XP-8500 – All of these operating expenses are reasonable; the only problem is the very low break-even point. This is a major drawback for the XP-8500’s potential as a home printer since you’ll rapidly exhaust the little capacity to produce typical documents; this is one of the main reasons we recommend the Canon TS9050 instead. It’s too bad Epson didn’t increase the capacity of the cartridges.